AdmitHub's text message platform uses integrates artificial intelligence with human expertise to give students 24/7 access to personalized guidance as they apply, enroll and advance through college. We work with your institution to create a virtual intelligent assistant for your campus that operates over text messaging and other messaging platforms. We embody the collective knowledge and unique spirit of your school community, helping you to:

Drive Student Success

Each student controls the conversation to get the help they want when it's needed most. There's no spammy, one-way communication. When students want to talk to someone, their questions are routed to the right advisor, mentor or staff member who can offer a human touch.


Improve key outcomes

Encouragement, reminders and prompt assistance help students stay on track from application to graduation. Reminding students to complete vital tasks ahead of deadlines can have a big impact on yield, retention, and graduation rates.  By surveying groups, gathering key info and checking the pulse of individual students, you can gain a deeper understanding of your student body.

Optimize your resources

Your virtual intelligent assistant answers FAQs, collects student data and answers questions instantly. We loop in staff only when necessary so your staff can focus on high-impact work instead of text messaging.